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The Sixth Sense

Psychic in San Diego explains the sixth sense

August 10, 2015

The sixth sense, or intuition, is that inherent ability that each of us has to perceive reality beyond the limitations of the five physical senses. Yet each person is capable of accessing their intuition to a different degree. Most people are only occasionally aware of their intuitive ability. For instance, you may be thinking of […]

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Our clients come to us for a psychic reading in order to receive insight that will help them make positive changes in their lives. They want to be happy. Most people are so caught up with the surface of their life that they miss the deeper truth. Being in touch with this deeper truth brings inner contentment regardless of what is happening on the surface of your life.

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Most people are unaware of how to bring love into their life. Learn how to move beyond your past conditioning so you can find and keep a great romantic relationship.

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Tarot Origins

San Diego Psychic reveals how tarot originated

October 9, 2012

The source of modern day Tarot cards is misunderstood by the majority of people. The urban legend is that the images and text on the decks can be traced all the way back to Egyptian times or were started by gypsies. Most research concludes that tarot cards can be traced back to the same origins […]

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Mother Meera is said to be an incarnation of the divine mother, which is God’s infinite mercy in human form. While reading “Answers” by Mother Meera one genuinely feels her transmission of compassion, mercy, and love. Mother Meera was born in 1960 in southern India and has been providing spiritual guidance to people since an […]

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