Creating Your Reality

Where Do Your Thoughts and Dreams Come From? Your thoughts and your dreams do not always arise out of your own consciousness. They can come from somewhere else. While awake, the thoughts that appear in your mind can come from different sources: other people, beings that exist on the others planes of reality, your own […]

A good psychic is there to help you understand your life. And some psychics provide accurate assessment of what is likely to happen in your future. A psychic’s prediction about your future is based on your current circumstances. You always have free will to change those circumstances and make decisions that will lead you down […]

How do you overcome fear in order to change your life for the better? Let’s say you have been to a psychic with important questions. And the insights they provide you involve making major changes in your life. For instance: moving to a new city, finding a new job, or leaving an unhealthy relationship. Will […]

Do you have free will to create the life you want or do you have a fate that is unavoidable? As a psychic I am frequently asked this question. The Conditioning of Our Past Each of us is conditioned by our past. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions create karma (or conditioning) that eventually affects our […]

Each of us comes into this world with a particular passion, our life’s purpose. For most of us, it becomes obscured and we never discover it. While growing up our parents, school teachers, and the rest of society decide what it means to be good and how to live. Then they project their beliefs about […]

Many of my clients want help in finding their life purpose. They want to know what they should be doing with their life that will bring the greatest personal fulfillment. The answer I provide is usually more than what my clients are expecting. Doing What You Enjoy The easiest way to discover your life’s purpose […]

Many people feel as though their level of happiness is determined by what happens to them in life. They are waiting for the next thing to happen and hoping that it will be something positive. Taking Control Of Your Life Each person has the ability to take control over their life. The infinite intelligence which […]

Does the divine have a certain destiny in store for you? Can you change your destiny and make your life better? Some spiritual traditions teach that each person is given a certain destiny by the divine. A person’s fate is determined by the karma they created in the past. Everything that happens to them, in […]

Meditation has many physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits. Physical and Psychological Benefits of Meditation By meditating in the morning a person can feel more centered throughout the day. They find it easier to remain balanced while dealing with issues that arise in everyday life. Problems are more easily put into perspective so they don’t trigger […]

Does it matter where you live? Yes it does. Everything about your external and internal reality works together to bring happiness and spiritual progress. Your Unique Life Story Everyone has a particular destiny created by their past conditioning, or karma. One person will thrive well in a particular city and another person will not. You […]

The level at which your energetic system is vibrating affects every area of your life. When your vibration is lower, you are more likely to attract into your life positive experiences. And when your vibration is lower, you attract negative experiences. The Energetic Universe The world we perceive with our senses is only a portion […]

You can create your own reality consciously. You can influence the course of events in your life. And you can determine how you experience each moment of your life. The life you are leading is no accident. Your past choices have lead to the current circumstances of your life. You can decide in this moment […]