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Many people are uncertain about how to interact with a psychic medium. In this article we will discuss what to say and not to say to a psychic medium in order to receive a fair and accurate reading. Psychic Medium Services A psychic medium provides a unique kind of service from other kinds of psychics. […]

Psychics and mediums provide different services. A medium has a certain skill set and is able to help their clients in a more specific way. A psychic has a more broad skill set. In this article we will describe the services that a medium provides. You can then decide whether a medium will be able […]

A psychic medium acts as messenger who passes on the information that spirits want to communicate to the client. While giving a reading a medium has several ways of interacting with the spirit to both verify who they are and the receive the messages that they want to pass on to the client. Most mediums […]

In this article we’ll explore the different types of readings offered by a medium, psychic, tarot reader, and astrologer. You can then make a better decision about the kind of person you go to for guidance. The most important issue to consider is what you want to receive from a reading. If you would like […]

The word ‘psychic medium’ is used to mean two different things in our culture. Depending upon a person’s understanding of psychics, a psychic medium could either be someone who is very intuitive or someone who communicates with those who are no longer living. Most people who want to receive a reading are unfamiliar with the […]

What is a psychic medium reading? A psychic communicates with a spirit in order to provide answers for their client. Reasons People Want a Reading from a Medium People come to a psychic medium for many reasons. Most want to communicate with a loved one who has passed away, or gone through physical death. Some […]

Mediums are psychics who channel spirits in order to relay information to a client. A psychic reading with a medium is conducted either in person or over the telephone. During the psychic reading, the medium will often go into a trance state while communicating with the spirit world. There are different methods that mediums relay […]