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Psychic Phone Readings

Is a reading from a psychic over the phone as good as a reading in person? Yes, if you do your part.

Many people find it inconvenient to meet a psychic in person in order to receive a reading. And they often wonder if the reading they receive over the phone is as accurate as a reading done in person. From the perspective of a skilled psychic a phone reading can be just as accurate as one done in person. The most challenging aspect of a psychic phone reading is getting the client to remain focused and open.

Psychic readings are done through energy. The psychic is using their energetic connection with you and perhaps their guardian angels in order to provide insights into your life and help you make the best possible decisions. When a client is sitting in front of a psychic it is easier for them to remain focused on the reading. When a client is calling from home they can more easily be distracted and make it much more challenging for a psychic to access their energetic body and provide an accurate reading.

The typical distractions that prevent a client from focusing on the reading are: A friend whispering questions into their ear. The television or radio playing on the background. Surfing the internet during the reading. Being on the phone with someone else while also receiving a psychic reading.

To receive the most accurate reading possible shut out all possible distractions. Make sure no one else is there with you to project their energy into the reading. Turn off all electronic equipment like your computer, radio or television. Most importantly place your full attention on what the psychic is telling you so that you remain energetically open and available to the psychic.

As with all psychic readings the quality of the reading is only ever as good as the intuitive ability of the psychic. If you are smart about choosing a truly gifted psychic in San Diego then your phone reading with them can be just as productive as one done in person.

Before a reading take about five minutes to write down the most important questions you would like answered. That way your conscious intent will help to bring those answers out during the reading. And you won’t end the reading and realize you forgot to ask something important.

Also be open to allowing the psychic to provide insights into your life that you may not have been interested in before the reading. A psychic can see into the full spectrum of your life situation and provide valuable insights into areas of your life that you might not be focused upon at the moment.

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