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What Really Matters When an issue arises in your life, it can consume all of your attention. You seem unable to think about anything else. If you are unable to resolve an issue on your own, you may ask a psychic for their insight. Many people seek out psychics for that very reason. The information […]

As a person progresses spiritually, they learn how to attune to the divine light that is everywhere and in all things. A small number of psychics have progressed to the point that they can perceive the light and use to help their clients. How Psychics Can Use the Light At a certain point in their […]

A psychic reading can be an exciting and emotional experience. You are receiving insights that can help you change your life for the better. A psychic may touch upon personal matters that can be upsetting to think about and discuss. In the midst of a reading you may not be thinking clearly. You may need […]

Real psychics make a living by helping people. The type of help that a psychic provides depends on their abilities and the openness of the client. Objective Insights Psychics can provide objective insight into a situation in your life. For instance, you may not be happy at your current job and wonder if you should […]

In this article we’ll talk about how you can find a good psychic. Just like with any profession, there are good psychics with profound intuitive abilities. And there are also psychics with a limited ability to help other people. You will need to do some research online and then talk to a few psychics online […]

The most common questions a psychic receives are about a client’s romantic life. This article will prepare you for a psychic reading so you know just what to ask regarding your love life. We would suggest that you ask both specific and general questions. Specific Questions Specific questions allow a psychic to give a quick […]

Not all people who claim to be psychic are telling the truth. Some of them use a technique called “cold reading” in order to give convince others that they have psychic abilities. What is a Cold Reading? A cold reading is set of techniques that someone can use to give the impression that they have […]

The Importance of a Real Psychic It is important that you determine if the psychic you are talking with is real. If they are genuine then they will provide helpful insights into your life. You will be able to make better, more informed decisions that lead to greater happiness. If a psychic is a fraud […]

A person can benefit greatly by a psychic reading. A psychic can provide objective insight into your current life situation and explain what is likely to happen in the future if you make certain decisions. An Objective Perspective Most of us are so caught up in our life experiences that we lose all sense of […]

I am a psychic in San Diego, California. I have been working as a psychic for over 30 years. In this article, I will discuss what it is like in a typical day of seeing clients and doing readings for them. How I Read Clients My work day begins around 1pm and ends around 7pm. […]

There a certain characteristics you should look for when choosing a psychic. You Feel Comfortable in their Presence When you are deciding on a psychic, learn to access your intuition. You can get into problems when you rely solely upon analytical reasoning to make your decisions. The mind can be so conditioned by past experiences […]

A gifted psychic can provide profound insight into your life that allows you to make better decisions and find greater happiness. By asking questions in a particular way you can get the most out of your reading. Not All Psychics Are Equal As in any profession, not all psychics are the same. There are different […]

Guardian angels are beings that exist on the energetic plane of reality, meaning they have no physical body. These energetic beings help people who are incarnate in a physical form to have the experiences that will help them to grow spiritually. Guardian angels guide and protect us while carrying out the divine plan for our […]

Do psychics predict the future? This is one of the most common questions my clients ask. The question is based on the assumption that there is one and only possible future for you, which is not the case. All of your past experiences and choices have lead to this moment. What happens from this moment […]

As a psychic in San Diego I often get asked the question, “Do you do astrology readings?” and “What is the difference between an astrology reading and a psychic reading.” So in this article we are going to discuss astrology readings and how they differ from a psychic reading. How Astrology Works Astrology is based […]