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naginithelasthorcrux Avatar

I sought guidance and Sophie was very caring and very helpful. This was a positive experience and I’m glad I’ve done it.

Mark Wagonhurst Avatar
Mark Wagonhurst

Sophia has help me always right on with her advice she always has the right answers if you want best she is the real deal mark w


cynthia Kelly Avatar
cynthia Kelly

Right on, thorough and all around pleasant experience

Mark Wagonhurst Avatar
Mark Wagonhurst

Sophia has help me always right on with her advice she always has the right answers if you want best she is the real deal mark w

Lorna Michelle Martinez Avatar
Lorna Michelle Martinez

Sophie is amazing! I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. I had met up with a friend one day so she could teach me a few things about essential oils and she mentioned Sophie and how she had an amazing experience with her. I had always been intrigued but I didn't want to see just anyone so when she told me about her, I made an appointment immediately. I walked into this place so unhappy and just working with Sophie and her guiding me through my journey of opening myself towards spiritual, positive, and happy energy... read more

William Olsen Avatar
William Olsen

I have been going to see Sofie for three years now. I had many situations in my life. So I decided to see Sofie for some psychic and spiritual insight. I now have an awesome career and am very happy. Thank you Sofie!

Brittany Williams Avatar
Brittany Williams

I went to see Sofie this past Saturday and I can confidently say that it was one of the most positive experiences I've ever had. I went in super nervous and not knowing what to expect. However, by the time I left, I felt so comfortable. I went from being depressed, and feeling lost to feeling empowered and excited about my future. I am so grateful and appreciative. I can't wait to go back. 11/10 would recommend.

Bela Cartwright Avatar
Bela Cartwright

I just want everyone to know Sofia 'Spiritual Psychic' is the best. She has told me things that have blew my mind that are true to this day. I would definitely go see her. Everyone will have different experiences, but I trust her and everything that she has told me has been true. When you go have an open mind. Your the best Sofie.

Ariana Shorter Avatar
Ariana Shorter

I get sugared by the place next door (Kalai Spa) and they told me what she has told them has been pretty accurate, so I decided to get a reading done. Prior to this my friend who works all the time says she's taking the week off near the end of October so we can go out and do things without her being too tired. Well Sophia told me that I'd be going on a trip during the end of October somewhere not to far probably near LA, which stunned me bc we planned on going to Disneyland. Her insight... read more

Christine Fairfax Avatar
Christine Fairfax

Extremely well-priced, VERY accurate readings. I have seen her twice, and both times, she started to talk about what I was questioning without any prompting on my part. The information she gave me was very valuable and comforting. I also love that you can schedule same-day appointments via her website.