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KJ H. Avatar
5 star rating

My readings have been truly enlightening. My first reading aided in me in choosing my correct path. The information I received was without a doubt spot  on and so truthful. My most recent one provided more in depth information that coincided to the truths of the first meeting. My mind was at ease when I left because Sofie has my complete trust and I have full faith her readings.

Sydney H. Avatar
Sydney H.
5 star rating

I have been to Sofie several times. Each visit/talk provided a great sense of clarity and ultimately calm while navigating through sticky transitions in life.

Sofie was able to identify one, very specific event that had happened in my life prior to our first reading without any indication or trace on the internet.

For my second reading, almost a year later, a lot had changed in my life and she had picked up on very specific experiences and themes in a new relationship I was in. Again, without any "hints" or showing in the internet that this could be the...
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Nancy Z. Avatar
Nancy Z.
5 star rating

Sofi is amazing!! The first words that came out of her mouth made me emotional because they hit so close to home. She's incredible. The real deal for sure. She gave me so much clarity on my current and future situation. Love her!! If you're on the fence, pull the trigger, say yes and book an appointment! You won't regret it

Ingah L. Avatar
Ingah L.
5 star rating

I highly recommend coming to see Sofie if youre looking for guidance in any aspect of your life. Shes very honest, and detailed in all of her answers, and seems to spiritually connect very well with who you are as a person for an accurate reading.

I drove all the way to San Diego from Orange County specifically to see her, and I'm SO glad i did. Thanks Sofie!!

Lorena R. Avatar
Lorena R.
5 star rating

I saw Sofie for the first time in 2018 and again in 2019. Both times were truly an incredible experience. She was able to read me very well and provided me with essential insight into my own life that helped validate my goals and purpose. She gave me the guidance I was seeking in order to heal and for that I am sincerely grateful. She is very straightforward which I appreciate as well. I left both visits feeling cleansed and full of newfound light. Thank you again Sofie!

mindy d. Avatar
mindy d.
5 star rating

I went to see Sofie back in 2018. She pretty much just see right through me. Everything she said about past couldn't be more correct. Even what was going on with my life during the time when I went to see her. I was so shocked how this person can read me so well. I never seen a psychic before so it was my first time. Definitely would recommend going to see Sofie if you are thinking about it.

Danielle D. Avatar
Danielle D.
5 star rating

By far the best readings I have ever received! Understand I have had multiple readings and different types, from various spiritual figures (Ex. tarot, palm, shells, intuitive). Sofie is the real deal, no frills, just genuine talent. I came in initially for a reading on 12/30/18 and a secondary reading on 01/01/19. Right away I could sense that Sofie serious and professional. Her nature wasn't exactly warm but she was definitely inviting and comfortable to be around. As soon as my reading began, she picked up on things that were actual facts in my life, personal things, that a... read more

Breanna M. Avatar
Breanna M.
5 star rating

This is a psychic who has true talent and a true gift.

Thank you for helping me. I gained clarity on the places in my life that I was unsure on and unable to hear my intuition on.

Alex E. Avatar
Alex E.
5 star rating

Wow ! This was the best experience I have ever had . I feel like a weight has been lifted , Sofie is definitely the real deal . I finally have direction and I'm truly excited about my life. I highly recommend you go see Sofie !

Erin M. Avatar
Erin M.
5 star rating

I have seen Sophie 3 times over the last 3 years, once in 2016, once 2017 and once in 2018. She is highly accurate and has gotten me through tough times and helped me stay positive. Her readings are very honest but each time I left with a better energy and more faith in my heart. My first reading in 2016, I was barely pregnant and she predicted my baby was a boy. CORRECT- I had a beautiful baby boy! She basically told me how the next year of my life would unfold and she was 100% accurate. Her... read more