Major Arcana Tarot Cards

Major Arcana Tarot Cards

The 22 cards that comprise the Major Arcana are the foundation of the Tarot deck. Each major arcana Tarot card is explained below. The universal human experience is portrayed in each of the major arcana tarot cards. Each card has a number, name and image associated with it.

How Do Tarot Card Readings Work?

Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

Learn how tarot readings are performed by professionals and the difference when reading for yourself. Discover the origins of tarot. And find out the meanings of the various tarot cards.

Where Do Tarot Cards Come From?

Tarot Origins

The history of modern day Tarot cards is misunderstood by the majority of people. The urban legend is that the images and text on the decks can be traced all the way back to Egyptian times or were started by gypsies. The truth is much different. The Origins of Tarot Cards Most research concludes that … Read more