Intuition vs Psychic Ability

Intuition is the ability to perceive situations and come up with creative ideas related to your own life. Intuition is information being provided by the higher self, or soul. The soul is always guiding us toward greater happiness and spiritual development. Intuition is the ability to escape the limitations of the ego and access our soul-guided intuition.

Intuition can arrive subtly or overtly in our awareness. The subtle intuitive impulses are often dismissed by a person who is accustomed to be controlled by the ego and the thinking mind. It is often the more overt forms of intuition that a person finally recognizes such as awareness of something before it happens, deja vu, or thinking of someone before they call you unexpectedly.

Most people are not taught how to take advantage of their intuition or how to strengthen it. In our modern culture science has become the new religion for many people. They rely upon fact and logic for decision-making and often ignore their inner guidance, which can help them to make more informed and inspired choices in life.

Each person is born with a certain level of intuitive ability. Those will higher than normal intuition have access to greater creativity and decision making abilities.

Intuition is most easily accessible when a person is relaxed and mind is more tranquil, less agitated by incessant thinking. Those who have a meditation practice have learned how to quiet the mind. They find that the moments after their meditation they are often more receptive to intuitive guidance into the issues in their life.

For those with no formal spiritual practice their intuition is often most easily accessible when they wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. During these times the consciousness has been drawn more inward and in deep sleep the mind stops altogether. Many people can remember instances of waking up in the middle of the night, or after they awake first thing in the morning, in which they have an unexpected insight into some life situation.

Like anything your intuitive abilities will become stronger as you learn how to consciously still the mind and pay attention to the flashes of insight that you receive. Most people are inundated with constant, mostly meaningless thinking. Intuitive guidance can easily be overlooked and lumped together with the other thoughts constantly arising in the mind. Pay attention to the insights that arise when the mind is more still. Then write them down and take action on those insights. Your successful use of intuitive guidance will reinforce its usefulness and help to create a new habit and way of living your life.

Intuition is the beginning stage of psychic ability. Whereas intuition is directed toward your own life, psychic ability is directed toward the lives of others.

Like intuition a persons’ psychic ability can be improved, though in a different way. As a person progresses spiritually certain abilities that were once dormant become active, such as psychic insight. Through the spiritual work done in their past incarnations some people are born with more psychic ability.

The increase in psychic ability is most often associated with the sixth chakra, or third eye. As a person’s past conditioning is dissolved, through the grace of an enlightened teacher or their own spiritual practice, their sixth chakra becomes more clear.

Use your natural intuitive abilities to make better decisions in your life. When deciding which psychic to visit in San Diego allow both your intellect and intuition to guide you.