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Intuitive People Make Better Decisions

The first level of psychic ability for most people is intuition. The difference between intuition and psychic ability can be thought of the difference between reading one’s own mind versus reading someone else’s mind.

All people have some level of intuitive ability. Almost everyone has experienced deja vu, the feeling of being familiar with a place or situation that is not consciously known. We’ve all had a hunch about something that later turned out to be true or thought of a person only to have them call a few minutes later.

Strongly intuitive people often have decision making abilities not found in others. Intuition can enable a person to operate well in times of crisis. When utilized correctly intuition allows us to react correctly in a situation without conscious thought or effort.

An intuitive person can more easily visualize a future for herself and then take action to make that future a reality. Advanced intuition provides some people new insights and revelations no one has ever thought of before.

It is often not sufficient to analyze a problem and rely solely upon logic to form a solution. This is especially so for those who are faced with daily struggles and work under pressure to meet deadlines. Intuition can solve a unique problem when confronted with limited information and time.

Both psychic ability and intuition provide information that is beyond the conscious mind. A person’s intuition may reveal itself as a subtle feeling, here one moment and gone the next. In other situations intuition is a sudden insight that appears like a bolt of lightening.

At times we do not pay attention to our intuitive insights. Think about all the times you’ve made an incorrect choice only to feel worse later because you didn’t listen to your gut feeling.

Each of us has a different level of skill in utilizing our intuition. For example, some research has shown that most women are naturally able to access their intuition better than most men. Regardless of our current abilities, with continued use our intuition can be enhanced and grow stronger.

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