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How Psychic Ability Is Beyond Normal Intuition

Psychic ability is a level beyond normal intuition. Intuition is more random and can appear as a subtle feeling that can be easily overlooked.

On the other hand, a psychic is able to access more and better information and use their abilities on a more regular basis. Psychics can bring their insights to the forefront of their mind. These insights can appear as symbols or literal scenes which are then interpreted by the psychic.

The insight of a psychic can be as clear as a recent memory to the normal person. When recalling last night’s dinner at a restaurant, the entire experience can be recreated in your senses because the memories are so real. A psychic can see these same experiences in their mind without ever having experienced them in person.

There are different types of psychic ability that can be used by a psychic at the same time. The more popularly know abilities are mental telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychometry, and channeling.

As an example, if you notice an unknown man walking up to a neighbor’s door in San Diego you may think he intends to break into the home. That would be a case of intuition. If the same situation happened further away, and you visualized the scene in your mind, you would be utilizing two kinds of psychic insight. Precognition allowed you to predict the event before it happened. Clairvoyance allowed you to visualize the scene in your mind.

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