Find Your Life Purpose

Many of my clients want help in finding their life purpose. They want to know what they should be doing with their life that will bring the greatest personal fulfillment. The answer I provide is usually more than what my clients are expecting.

Doing What You Enjoy

The easiest way to discover your life’s purpose is to ask yourself, “If I had no limitations, and no obligations, and could do anything I wanted in order to earn a living, what would I do.” Many people get programmed by their parents or our education system into pursing a line of work that is safe, and practical, yet is not something they enjoy.

If you do what you enjoy doing, then you will find a way to make money doing it. After you spend the time to learn a skill, and become an expert in a field, then the money will follow.

Allow Your Intuition to Guide You

A person may want to pursue fame or fortune in order for the ego to feel special, important, and different from others. If a person has not learned to access their intuition then they may allow their ego to guide their choices, which will lead to a less fulfilling life.

Often a person needs to sit quietly and reflect upon the things they have enjoyed doing in their life. Then learn to trust your intuition and allow it to help you find your life’s purpose. Your intuition is the guidance of your soul. And it is your soul which will guide you to your life’s purpose.

Getting Verification from a Psychic

Many people come to a psychic with some idea of what they should be doing with their life. They just want a psychic to verify that the path they are on, or are considering taking, is indeed their life’s purpose.

A good psychic will always tell you the truth. You may think that particular career path is your life’s purpose when it actually not the right one for you. Your ego may be getting in the way.

Once a psychic provides insights into your life’s purpose then reflect upon it. Does it make sense? Does it feel right? Is your inner guidance in agreement with that choice?

Your Spiritual Path

When the average person talks about life’s purpose, they are only considering their external reality. They are hoping to find some way of making money, or a personal passion, that will bring greater meaning to their life.

Each of us is an expression of the divine. We are here so the divine can experience life through us. And we are also here to discover our own divine nature.

Each person finds greater internal contentment when they establish a strong relationship with the divine. The closer that relationship, the greater peace and happiness you find, regardless of what is happening in your external reality.