Creating Your Reality Consciously

You can create your own reality consciously. You can influence the course of events in your life. And you can determine how you experience each moment of your life.

The life you are leading is no accident. Your past choices have lead to the current circumstances of your life. You can decide in this moment how to react to each life experience and what to focus upon.


Each physical form in the world, including you, arises from an energetic form. Your energetic body sustains your physical body. We live in a universe based on energetic attraction. The level at which your energy body is vibrating determines what energy, and physical forms, are drawn to you. Those physical forms could be a person or a situation in your life. If your vibration is higher you can attract into your life the people and situations that are uplifting. If you vibration is lower you attract people and circumstances that create suffering.

When you are happy, hopeful, or inspired your emotions are letting you know that your energy is vibrating at a high level. When you are sad, discouraged, or angry your emotions are reflecting your low energetic state. You can create your reality by consciously raising your energetic vibration.

Finding a Reason to be Happy

To create your reality make the conscious decision to be happy. Train yourself to look at the positive aspects of your life. Find any reason you can to be happy.

There is no reason to dwell on those things that you don’t like about your life. To do so will only lower your energetic state and cause you to attract negative life experiences.

Finding the Source of Happiness

The formless one life that sustains all of creation is found in each form, including you. By learning to get in touch with this deeper truth within, you will find it easier to raise your energetic vibration and remain content regardless of what is happening in your external reality.

Psychic Readings

Our clients come for a psychic reading in order to improve their life and be happy. We provide insights into their life that enable them to make better decisions. One of the most important things we for our clients is help them to understand the influence they have over their own life.

You interact with each person energetically as well as physically. Learn how to choose a psychic by the way you feel energetically while in their presence.