Meher Baba “God Speaks”, Spiritual Book Review

Meher Baba’s book “God Speaks” is the best spiritual book I’ve read. Regardless of your spiritual path I strongly encourage you seek out and read this book in its entirety. You will find an invaluable resource for understanding the nature of our perceived reality.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Meher Baba, he is considered by a large number of people to be the Avatar of our age. In other words a world savior on par with Krisha, Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed. He was born in 1894 in Poona, India to Persian parents. He dropped the body in 1969.

Regardless of your initial reaction to the idea of Meher Baba being the Avatar, focus on the unique spiritual insights found in his book “God Speaks”. The book is written as a user’s manual for a spiritual seeker to understand: (1) Why God designed creation. (2) The system put in place for all beings to progress toward God. (3) The steps a person must take in order to move beyond the physical plane and merge back into the infinite consciousness.

The majority of true spiritual texts are written by those who have not completely evolved spiritually. As a result the concepts presented in most books are limited by the spiritual perspective of the author.

God speaks, on the other hand, is written by truly enlightened being. As a result, the act of reading the book provides an opportunity to receive a spiritual transmission from the highest planes.

A person should always be initially skeptical of the ideas presented in this article. Read the “God Speaks” for yourself. Allow your own experience to guide you in a final decision as to Meher Baba’s spiritual enlightenment and whether he speaks the truth.