Mother Meera “Answers” Spiritual Book Review

Mother Meera is said to be an incarnation of the divine mother, which is God’s infinite mercy in human form. While reading “Answers” by Mother Meera one genuinely feels her transmission of compassion, mercy, and love.

Mother Meera was born in 1960 in southern India and has been providing spiritual guidance to people since an early age. She often travels to many countries offering spiritual darshan (or blessings) to those in attendance. Mother Meera resides in Germany and spends much time in Mandapalle, India where she founded an ashram and school.

In “Answers” Mother Meera addresses some of the common questions posed to her by devotees. The information is easily read and understood by most people, which is unusual for a book written by a truly advanced spiritual person.

Mother Meera explains in “Answers” her extraordinary responsibility of bringing down the Paramatman light, which is light from the highest level of God. Mother Meera explains that all realized spiritual persons have used this Paramatman Light but she is the first to bring it down to the physical plane.

Another book about Mother Meera, titled “The Mother” was written by her long-time friend Adilakshmi. A portion of “The Mother” details Mother Meera’s spiritual experiences as a child as she was learning of her divine nature and meeting many different advanced spiritual beings. “The Mother” gives the background story of how Mother Meera came to be charged with bringing down the Paramatman Light.

More detail is given in “The Mother” of the different types and quality of light available at the four planes beyond the Supermental plane. The fourth, and highest plane, beyond the Supermental Plane being the source of the Parmatman (God) light. “The Mother” also details Mother Meera’s original journey to the Paramatman plane and her request of God that she be allowed to bring down the Parmatman Light for the benefit of all sentient beings.

To my understanding the Supermental Plane is the equivalent of the mental plane and mental body. The mental body is the third of three bodies (physical, energetic, and mental) in a which a soul is encased. Read chapter 43 in “Autobiography of a Yogi” for a complete explanation of a soul’s journey to remove the karma from the physical, energetic, and mental bodies before merging back into the source.

Receiving darshan from Mother Meera and repeated readings of her books creates a stronger and stronger connection with the Divine Mother over time.

Like all things spiritual one must make up their own mind about a spiritual teacher. Read the book “Answers” and then decide whether traveling to receive Mother Meera’s darshan is right for you.