Psychics Working With Light

As a person progresses spiritually, they learn how to attune to the divine light that is everywhere and in all things. A small number of psychics have progressed to the point that they can perceive the light and use to help their clients.

How Psychics Can Use the Light

At a certain point in their spiritual development, a person learns how to see the light. As they progress to higher spiritual states, they learn how to access the light and direct it to others.

The light can remove obstacles that are impeding a person’s personal happiness and spiritual progress. These obstacles are what is commonly referred to as karma or past conditioning.

As in all professions, different psychics have different kinds of abilities. Just because a person is psychic doesn’t mean that they have advanced far along the spiritual path. It just means that they have opened the third eye and have an ability to perceive what is going on in people’s lives. As with the overall population, only a small number of psychics can perceive and use the light in helping others.

Healthy Skepticism of Psychic Claims

When someone talks about the light it is easy to be skeptical. Many people make false claims in order to make themselves seem more special, or as a means of taking advantage of others. We have all been exposed to these types of people on the television or in person and have learned to be skeptical.

Most people incorrectly accept their current perception of reality as the one and only truth. If they can perceive something then it is real to them. And if they are unable to perceive something then it is unreal to them. And yet there are a very small number of people who can perceive and utilize the light for the benefit of others.

Take care in deciding upon a psychic in San Diego. Allow your intuition to guide you in choosing the right psychic for you.