Questions to Ask a Psychic About Love

The most common questions a psychic receives are about a client’s romantic life. This article will prepare you for a psychic reading so you know just what to ask regarding your love life. We would suggest that you ask both specific and general questions.

Specific Questions

Specific questions allow a psychic to give a quick answer. They will be able to answer yes or no. Or they might provide a date, such as the number of months or years. The following are some examples:

Is my current relationship going to last?

Will I find a romantic partner that I can spend my life with?

When will I find the right person that I am supposed to marry?

Will I have children? How many?

General Questions

General questions require a psychic to provide detailed answers which provide greater insight into your romantic life. For instance:

Why have my relationships not worked out in the past?

How does my current partner feel about me and our relationship?

How can I be more giving in a relationship?

What should I look for in a future partner so we are compatible together?

Follow-up Questions

If you are uncertain about the answers that a psychic provides then you can ask follow-up questions to gain more clarity. Of course the type of follow-up questions you ask will be based on the initial question and the type of answer you received.

Insisting on the Truth

Tell the psychic that you want to know the entire truth about your romantic life. Some psychics will hold back and not tell their clients all the bad news, for fear of upsetting them. It’s better that you know the truth so you can make the changes needed to improve your romantic life and find greater happiness.

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