Questions to Ask a Psychic

A gifted psychic can provide profound insight into your life that allows you to make better decisions and find greater happiness. By asking questions in a particular way you can get the most out of your reading.

Not All Psychics Are Equal

As in any profession, not all psychics are the same. There are different types of psychics that vary in their ability to provide insight into your life.

When meeting a psychic for the first time it’s best to keep to a minimum the amount of information you share about yourself. That way the psychic has to rely upon their own abilities to learn about you, your current concerns, and what changes may happen in your life in the near future.

How to Ask Your Questions

Start by asking general questions related to the different areas of your life. Then when the psychic provides an answer you can ask for more detail. For example:

Do you see any major changes happening in my life soon? In what area? When will it happen?

What you can tell me about my health?

What is going to happen in my romantic life?

What is going to happen with my career?

Once you have addressed the major areas of your life then you can ask the psychic about any particular concern you have at the moment. For example:

I am thinking about leaving my job and finding a new one. Do you think I will find work that is more satisfying? Should I change careers?

I am not happy in my current relationship. Will I find greater happiness by ending the relationship and finding someone new? If I do, when will that person enter my life?

I want something more from life. What about my life can I change to feel greater contentment and joy?