What Are Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are beings that exist on the energetic plane of reality, meaning they have no physical body. These energetic beings help people who are incarnate in a physical form to have the experiences that will help them to grow spiritually. Guardian angels guide and protect us while carrying out the divine plan for our lives.

Different Kinds of Guardian Angels

All different kinds of beings can act as your guardian angel. Some have had a psychical form at some point in the past and some have never had a human form. Some are spiritually advanced and some are enlightened. You may have formed a karmic connection with a guardian angel. For instance, they may have been a sibling, parent, or grandparent.

Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

Some people have spirit guides and others do not. As you progress spiritually, over the span of many lifetimes, you will be protected and guided by more guardian angels.

Communicating with Your Guardian Angels

Your spirit guides are constantly trying to guide you to your highest purpose in life. This guidance can come in many forms. For instance, you may feel an intuitive impulse to do something. Or certain people may be brought into your life as part of the destiny created by your karma.

Most people are not aware that their guardian angels exist are trying to guide them through life. You can learn to consciously communicate with your guardian angels, or spirit guides. In doing so you will be able to lead a more fulfilling personal and spiritual life.

Psychic Readings with Guardian Angels

Many psychics have learned to communicate with their guardian angels. During a psychic reading my guardian angels communicate with the client’s guardian angels. The client’s spirit guides use the opportunity to pass along information that they feel is important for the client to know. I then then explain to the client what has learned about them and their life.