What is an Astrology Reading?

As a psychic in San Diego I often get asked the question, “Do you do astrology readings?” and “What is the difference between an astrology reading and a psychic reading.” So in this article we are going to discuss astrology readings and how they differ from a psychic reading.

How Astrology Works

Astrology is based on the movement of the planets in relation to the birth place and time of an individual. The planets in our solar system, as well as the sun and the moon, have a strong influence on the type of energy that we experience in our daily lives. The gravitational pull of the moon affects ocean tides. We have all heard about the affects of the full moon on how people behave. Just like the moon, the planets and the sun in our solar system are extremely large masses that affect us energetically.

The energetic effect of each planet is unique and the cumulative affect of all the planets affects each person differently. Why is that? When a child is born their energetic body is separated from their mother’s energetic body and stamped with a particular energetic signature, based on the location of the sun, moon, and planets at that moment. Then as the planets move in relation to the earth their energetic affect also changes. Each person is affected differently by the movement of the planets based on their unique birth place and time.

Astrology Readings

Astrology is a legitimate way of predicting the major events in a person’s life based on the movement of the planets. We have to differentiate the kind of rudimentary astrology that is practiced by most people from the very serious discipline practices by accomplished astrologers. Most of the people who advertise themselves as astrologers are practicing a very basic Western version of astrology that is of limited value in helping a person understand their lives.

There are very good astrologers who are trained over decades to accurately predict the major events in a person’s life. For instance, in India Vedic astrology is a highly regarded form of astrology. Vedic practitioners are often trained from childhood in how to accurately read the affects on the planets on a person’s life.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are based on the intuitive abilities of a psychic to provide insight into a person’s life. A person becomes psychic by opening the sixth chakra, or third eye. Psychics become clairvoyant in different ways. There are ways of training someone to become more psychic. However, training can only maximize a person’s own intuitive abilities.

Just like with astrologers, some psychics are more intuitive than others and able to provide better insight the lives of their clients. As they progress spiritually a psychic becomes more intuitive. Some psychics can provide advanced psychic services that remove the obstacles to personal happiness.

Difference Between Astrologers and Psychics

Both astrologers and psychics can provide insight into your life. An astrology reading is based more on science than the astrologer’s intuitive abilities. Yet there are some astrologers who have learned about the movement of the planets and have also learned how to maximize their own intuitive abilities.