What to Do After a Psychic Reading

A psychic reading can be an exciting and emotional experience. You are receiving insights that can help you change your life for the better. A psychic may touch upon personal matters that can be upsetting to think about and discuss.

In the midst of a reading you may not be thinking clearly. You may need to regroup at home and mull over the information you have received before making any decisions that will change your life.

During the Reading

If you handle the psychic reading correctly then you will be better able to take action later. Before the reading write down a list of questions to ask. This will ensure that you remember to discuss all the topics that are important to you.

When the psychic begins to answer your questions write down notes. You will review these notes after the reading to make sure you remember everything you were told.

During the reading, don’t provide the psychic with any more information then is necessary for them to answer your questions. That way you can tell if the psychic is legitimate or not. The fakers will use the information you provide to make guesses about your life and what may happen to you.

Ask for specifics. A fake psychic works in generalities. A real psychic provides very specific information about the people in your life and the situations that you are concerned about. Keep asking questions of the psychic until you are convinced they have addressed all your concerns.

After the Reading

As soon as possible after the reading write down everything you can remember from the conversation. Be as specific as possible. Use the notes you took during the reading as a way of jogging your memory. Once you have the complete conversation written down, you can refer to it in the days and weeks ahead.

Making Decisions

I have found that major life decisions are made based on a strong intuitive feeling. Once you have all the information about something your intuition will guide you to the correct decision. Once a decision is made about a course of action then the logical part of your mind can step in and help you work out the details.