What Is A Psychic Medium

Mediums are psychics who channel spirits in order to relay information to a client. A psychic reading with a medium is conducted either in person or over the telephone. During the psychic reading, the medium will often go into a trance state while communicating with the spirit world.

There are different methods that mediums relay the information they are receiving from the spirit world. A psychic might simply hear or see the information and relay the message to the client in their own voice. For other psychics a spirit takes control of the medium’s voice in order to pass on the information.

Psychic mediums are often asked to connect with a deceased family member or with a client’s spirit guide. During the reading the client may ask the medium questions they would like the spirit to answer.  At times a spirit may offer unsolicited information they feel with help the client with something going on in their life currently or in the future.

Each psychic medium has a different set of abilities. A medium may be clairsentient, which means the psychic senses the thoughts of a spirit. A medium may be clairaudient, which means they hear the spirit talking to them. A medium may also be clairvoyant, which means they can see the spirit. Some psychic mediums have all three abilities.

A gifted psychic medium will relay truly accurate information from the spirit with whom they are communicating. The profession of psychic mediums is popular and is used by both individuals and law enforcement officials who need help with unsolved cases.