Psychic or Medium Reading

Psychics and mediums provide different services. A medium has a certain skill set and is able to help their clients in a more specific way. A psychic has a more broad skill set.

In this article we will describe the services that a medium provides. You can then decide whether a medium will be able to help you. After leaning about mediums you may find that a psychic is a better choice for your particular needs.

A medium communicates with those close to you who have passed away. A medium acts as a messenger and passed on information from a loved one to you. Most mediums will admit that they are unable to communicate with a specific spirit. The medium remains open to those that happen to show up during the reading and then describes who they are and any message they have for you.

A medium is able to provide information about your life. However, the information will come without prompting from someone close to you who is in spirit. That spirit will decide what to tell you.

Most mediums only communicate with the spirits of those who have crossed over. The information that the medium is providing you is coming from a spirit. Mediums often don’t have the same skill set that other psychics may have, such predicting what may happen to you or answering specific questions about your life. If you want answers to specific questions then you should probably go to another kind of psychic, such as a tarot card reader.

Reasons to receive a reading from a Medium:

  • You would like to receive messages from loves ones who are no longer living.
  • You have questions about your life and are hoping that a loved one can help provide information and guidance.
  • You are uncertain about the afterlife and hope that a reading with a psychic medium will shine light on the issue.

Reasons to receive a reading from a Psychic:

  • You have specific questions about your finances, health, or relationships.
  • You would like more information about a current issue in your life so you can make a more informed decision.

Most clients are satisfied with a reading when they visit an experienced and qualified psychic. A medium gives a specific kind of reading and the information they provide is dependent upon the spirits they happen to communicate with during the reading.

If you are diligent in your search you will find the right kind of psychic in San Diego that can help you. Get a sense of a psychics abilities and the opinion that they past clients have of them.