Your Thoughts Become Your Reality

Many people feel as though their level of happiness is determined by what happens to them in life. They are waiting for the next thing to happen and hoping that it will be something positive.

Taking Control Of Your Life

Each person has the ability to take control over their life. The infinite intelligence which sustains creation is present everywhere and in everything. We are all connected. By conscious intent you can tap into the creative power of the universe and influence the course of events in your own life.

What You Think Manifests in Your Life

To a great degree, your internal reality manifests in our external reality. How you think about yourself, what you believe is possible, and what you expect to happen all determine what ends up happening. Your thoughts become your life.

Most people have limited thinking. They have been conditioned by other people, or their own past, to feel that their life will not turn out the way they want. They make the mistake of focusing only on the past or their present circumstances. To do so is live in the past or perpetuate your current situation.

Thinking in a New Way

Train yourself to think in a new way. Be aware of what you are thinking about in each moment. Rid yourself of all limiting thoughts and think only about what you want.

Free yourself from all the artificial limitations that you have previously accepted. Give yourself permission to imagine a wonderful life for yourself.

Then make that future reality more real to you then anything else. Allow yourself to feel as though you are already living in that future reality. When your thoughts and feelings are in alignment then you can consciously create your reality.