Free Will or Fate

Do you have free will to create the life you want or do you have a fate that is unavoidable? As a psychic I am frequently asked this question.

The Conditioning of Our Past

Each of us is conditioned by our past. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions create karma (or conditioning) that eventually affects our lives in the future. In this moment, who you are and what is happening in your life are due to your past conditioning.

Conditioning creates the circumstances of your life and the way you are predisposed to respond to those events. If you allow your conditioning to completely control your life, then a great deal of your life is predestined.

Freeing Yourself from Your Past

A person can become free of their past conditioning. And then they have the ability to create the life they want.

Your self-identity (or ego) is created by your past conditioning. Most people are always under the ego’s control. They mistake the ego for the true nature.

By learning to free yourself from the ego’s influence you become free of your past conditioning and free from your predetermined fate. And you also gain access to your soul’s intuition, which will guide you to greater happiness.

How do you break free of the ego’s influence? The ego is sustained by incessant thinking. When the mind is still you can see beyond the limitations of the ego. So you need to learn how to quiet your mind and keep it that way most of the time.

Spiritual Practices

There are many spiritual approaches that can help you still the mind and free yourself from the ego. One of the most popular techniques is living in the present moment. This is a zen practice that was popularized in the last twenty years by Eckhart Tolle.

Many people use meditation as a way of learning how to quiet mind. Meditation is most effective when you learn how to keep the mind still throughout the day, when it is not needed for making a living and interacting with people.