How Free Will Affects a Psychic Prediction

A good psychic is there to help you understand your life. And some psychics provide accurate assessment of what is likely to happen in your future.

A psychic’s prediction about your future is based on your current circumstances. You always have free will to change those circumstances and make decisions that will lead you down a different path in life.

Let’s use a few examples to illustrate how your free will affects the accuracy of a psychic prediction.

The most common topic that people discuss with a psychic is their romantic life. A client visits a psychic wondering if they will find a real and fulfilling relationship in the future. A psychic may describe someone that will be showing up in your life soon. This potential romantic partner may or may not be good for you. If you are fortunate then this future partner is the right person for you. The love you share will be real and you will find some level of happiness with them.

However, there are also other potential outcomes with this future partner. Perhaps there is some kind of unresolved negative karma that you have with someone that will cause them to enter your life. Perhaps the relationship is not mean to last. If so, then you can make a choice not to pursue a relationship with this person when they cross your path.

The point of these examples is to illustrate the power you have over your own life. The psychic’s job is to give you useful information. Then you decide how to make use of that information.

Your life is a combination of fate and free will. You have created karma in the past which is likely to bring certain people and circumstances into your life. When you know about these upcoming events you can make decisions that will change what happens to you. Read more about how you can change your destiny.