Psychic Dreams

Where Do Your Thoughts and Dreams Come From?

Your thoughts and your dreams do not always arise out of your own consciousness. They can come from somewhere else.

While awake, the thoughts that appear in your mind can come from different sources: other people, beings that exist on the others planes of reality, your own consciousness. Many people accept the thoughts that arise in their mind as their own and then act on them accordingly.

At night, the dream images that appear in your mind can also come from beings that exist on other planes, as well as from your own consciousness. People are often unaware of the important communication that takes place in the dream state and fail to take advantage of the guidance they are receiving.

Psychic Dreams

A psychic dream is just a way of describing a dream that comes from other beings, such as your guardian angels.

It is easier for a being on a higher plane to communicate with you in the dream state. Your attention is not absorbed in constant thinking or the objects you see in the external world.

They often use images as a form of communication. Images are more effective than the sequence of words that we use when communicating through language.

A psychic dream can be helpful in providing insight into your life as well as what may soon transpire in your life. So develop the habit of paying attention to your dreams. If you have an important dream, write it down upon waking up so you remember all the small details.

Once you are awake and interacting with the external world keep in the mind the information you gained from your psychic dreams. Look for situations which match those in the dream. Remain open and allow yourself to be guided. You will find opportunities for greater happiness and spiritual progress.