How to Change Your Destiny

Does the divine have a certain destiny in store for you? Can you change your destiny and make your life better?

Some spiritual traditions teach that each person is given a certain destiny by the divine. A person’s fate is determined by the karma they created in the past. Everything that happens to them, in each moment, is already scripted for them before they are born.

If your life was already predetermined then what would be the point of trying to make it better? After all, you would be unable to change what is going to happen to you. Fortunately you can change your destiny, if you know how.

Connecting with the Divine

A person is able to change their fate by learning how to connect with the divine. When you are in touch with the divine you are free of the influence of your karma and can make better decisions.

You connect with the divine by learning how to go beyond the limitations of the thinking mind. When the mind is still you are able to experience the deeper reality. Unfortunately most people don’t learn how to connect with the divine. As a result each thought or feeling they experience, and any action they take, is determined by their past conditioning, or karma.

One of the simplest way of stilling the mind, and experiencing the deeper reality, is to live in the present moment. This zen spiritual practice has been popularized by the spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle.

Guided by Intuition

Once the mind is still, and you are connected with the divine, you can more easily access your intuition. Your soul is always guiding you to greater personal happiness and spiritual progress. A person is unable to hear their soul’s guidance when their attention is absorbed in constant thinking. When you make decisions that are informed by intuition they lead to greater happiness.

A Psychic’s Perspective on Destiny

I have seen a lot of clients over the last thirty years. Many of them have changed their life for the better by taking advantage of the insights I provided into their life.

The most dramatic changes in a person’s life occur when they are able to deepen their relationship with the divine. When this happens they are less burdened by their past. They can make decisions that lead them to their higher purpose in life.