How to Change Your Energetic Vibration

The level at which your energetic system is vibrating affects every area of your life. When your vibration is lower, you are more likely to attract into your life positive experiences. And when your vibration is lower, you attract negative experiences.

The Energetic Universe

The world we perceive with our senses is only a portion of what actually exists.There is a physical and energetic plane of reality. Everything that we see and experience in the world is made of both physical matter and energy.

Just like everything else in the physical world, you are made of physical matter and energy. Your energetic form is often referred to as your energetic body.

Energetic Vibration

Each object vibrates at a certain level. For instance, a stone has a dense energetic form. While a flower is very ethereal and vibrates at a higher energetic level.

Energetic Attraction

The energetic universe is composed of countless energetic forms. These forms interact with one another based on energetic vibration. Forms that vibrate at the same level are drawn to one another.

You have probably heard of the “law of attraction.” This term refers to the way that energetic forms interact with one another.

Changing Your Energetic Vibration

Unlike most energetic forms, you can choose to change your energetic vibration. And by doing so, you can create your own reality.

Your energetic body vibrates at the same level of whatever you are focused upon. For instance, if you watch a sad movie then your energetic state will probably lower. If you listen to your favorite music then your energetic vibration will rise. By choosing to focus upon positive things you can raise your energetic level.

Most people are not able to jump their energetic level from a low state to a high state all at once. But they they raise their energetic level gradually, one step at a time.

Let use the extreme example of someone who is depressed. They have conditioned their mind to focus on the negative aspects of their life and, as a result, they feel bad. They need to train their mind to focus on those aspects of their life that they feel good about, which will raise their energetic vibration.

It is going to be difficult for a depressed person to immediately elevate their energy high enough for them to feel happy. The solution is to focus on something that makes them feel a little bit better. Once they can feel a little bit better they can focus on something else that raises their vibration a bit more. In this way they move up the energetic spectrum, from depression to happiness, one step at a time. It is as if they are climbing an energetic ladder one rung at a time.

You can also change your energetic vibration by learning to still your mind and relax. When the mind is still you have greater access to your intuition and are able to live in the moment. One of the most effective ways of stilling the mind is learning to meditate.

By getting in the habit of keeping your energetic vibration raised you can attract better people and experiences into your life.