How to Overcome Fear

How do you overcome fear in order to change your life for the better? Let’s say you have been to a psychic with important questions. And the insights they provide you involve making major changes in your life. For instance: moving to a new city, finding a new job, or leaving an unhealthy relationship. Will you have the courage to make such a change?

Fear is perhaps the biggest obstacle to living our lives at the highest level. It keeps us from pursuing our dreams and making the positive changes that bring greater happiness and inner fulfillment.

Fear is helpful when it is warning us of danger. However, most of the time fear becomes an impediment to forward progress. Look back on your life. How many things do you regret not doing because fear kept you from taking action? The key to overcoming fear is to take action in spite of it.

Take a step back from a situation and get in touch with your deeper self, the soul. It is always guiding you to greater personal happiness and spiritual progress. When guided by the soul, or your intuition, the mind is still and you are at peace. Then you can tell how you really feel about a situation, without fear getting in the way and clouding your decision. If you deep down you feel that making a change in your life is the right thing to do, then it becomes a matter of taking action.

Sometimes it helps to make a list of all the positive and negative outcomes of a particular decision. Simply the act of writing everything down will help bring clarity to a situation.

Most people never develop the ability to overcome their fear. And they never live up to their potential. That doesn’t have to be your fate.