Psychic Medium Reading

What is a psychic medium reading? A psychic communicates with a spirit in order to provide answers for their client.

Reasons People Want a Reading from a Medium

People come to a psychic medium for many reasons. Most want to communicate with a loved one who has passed away, or gone through physical death. Some people are not mourning but are curious as to whether there is an afterlife. They want confirmation from a psychic medium that their consciousness will continue to exist beyond the lifespan of their physical body.

How Mediums Communicate With Spirits

None of us ever really die in the sense that our spirit always exists as a separate form until the moment we attain liberation, or enlightenment. When a person’s physical form no longer exists on the physical plane the energetic form continues to exist on the energetic plane. Even when a person makes the transition to another physical form, what is often called being reborn or reincarnated, their energetic form still exists on the energetic plane.

Many mediums prepare for a reading by praying and coming into better balance or alignment. From this place of greater inner stillness they are more open to the messages passed on by those in an energetic form. A psychic medium can communicate with the energetic form of a person. The medium is able to access a particular spirit (or energetic form) through the relationship they have to you, the client.

Most psychic mediums will explain to their clients that they have no control over the spirit that they end up communicating with in a reading. The best that a medium and client can do is put forth the intent to speak with a particular person. For instance, if a client wants to communicate with their mother they may instead find that their uncle shows up instead. The uncle may have information that he feels is important and needs to be passed on to the client. This situation can be frustrating for the client who is more focused on wanting to communicate with their mother. The best that the medium and client can do is remain open to the spirits that do reveal themselves during a reading. They often pass along information that is useful in ways that the client could not have anticipated.

Benefits of a Medium Reading

Visiting a psychic medium can change your life for the better. Once a person is assured that they are truly communicating with a loved one, through a psychic medium, the importance of their own life, and how they live it, becomes apparent. If you are going to continue to exist as an energetic form after your physical body expires then you want to prepare for that inevitability. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions in this life take on a whole new level of importance that you may have never recognized before. The way you respond to all of your life experiences in this life will affect the quality of your existence when the body dies and you become conscious of your energetic form.

Finding a Medium in San Diego

When you begin searching for a psychic medium in San Diego allow your intuition to guide you. Then when you begin receiving readings remain patient. Interacting with spirits is not an exact science. You may need to receive several readings before you are able to communicate with a particular loved one.