Types of Psychics

In this article we’ll explore the different types of readings offered by a medium, psychic, tarot reader, and astrologer. You can then make a better decision about the kind of person you go to for guidance.

The most important issue to consider is what you want to receive from a reading. If you would like to communicate with a loved one, who has passed away and now exists only as spirit on the energetic plane, than a medium is the right choice. If you would like insight into some aspect of your personal life then you should visit a psychic, tarot reader, or astrologer. There are instances in which, during a reading with a medium, a spirit will provide insight into your life. Yet that is considered a bonus and you should choose to visit a medium if communicating with a loved one is your primary goal.

The astrologer, psychic, and tarot reader will provide insight into your past, present and possible future. Insight into the past can be helpful if something that has already happened to you is still impacting your life now. By recognizing this impact from your past you can then move past it and free yourself from its influence.

A reader can provide insight into your current life situation that you were unaware of or were ignoring unconsciously. For instance, they might provide insight into the motivations of someone close to you that will allow you to make a decision about how to proceed in that relationship.

A reader can provide important insight into situations you may encounter in the future, if the current course of events is left unchanged. You can then decide whether you want to change your decisions and circumstances right now. That way you can either increase the chances that a possible future becomes a reality or do what you can to avoid a possible future situation.

The most important difference between an astrologer, psychic, and tarot reader is the tools they use to provide insight into your life and whether they rely upon outside guidance to provide clarity into your situation.

A true astrologer is an interpreter of astrological information that is particular to you. They rely upon their own understanding and judgment to provide an astrological reading. Astrology is much more that the popular, and often meaningless, readings you receive from people claiming to be astrologers who actually have with little formal training. There are Vedic astrologers from India who study from childhood in order to provide proper guidance to their clients through astrology.

An astrologer uses your birth place and time to provide insight into how you life is likely to unfold due to the influence of the major planetary movements in our solar system. Like the ways in which the gravitational pull of moon affects the tide, each large planet or moon in our solar system affects each us in different ways. The combined impact of all those large physical masses on you is astrology.

The psychic and the tarot reader are really different names for the same type of reading. A psychic may use a physical object, tarot cards, or simply your physical presence in order to gain insight into your life situation. They then rely upon the guidance they receive to pass the information along to you.

As always the capability of the person providing the reader is of paramount importance. Choose a psychic or medium in San Diego carefully based on the research you do about them and the gut feeling you have when you initially set up the appointment.