How to Tell if a Psychic is Real

The Importance of a Real Psychic

It is important that you determine if the psychic you are talking with is real. If they are genuine then they will provide helpful insights into your life. You will be able to make better, more informed decisions that lead to greater happiness.

If a psychic is a fraud then not only are you wasting your time, but they may provide wrong insights into your life. If you make decisions about your life, based on incorrect information, then you may choose poorly and suffer needlessly.

Reveal Very Little About Yourself

When you meet a psychic for the first time, reveal very little about yourself and your reasons for getting a reading. A fraudulent psychic will want to ask you a lot of questions. The more information they have, the better they will be at guessing about your background and your motivations for receiving a reading. They will pay attention to the way you dress, your speech, and your body language in order to make educated guesses about you. Until you know a psychic is genuine, ask questions instead of allowing the psychic to ask you a lot of questions.

A genuine psychic will not need to ask you a lot of questions. For instance, they may ask you to get clear in your mind about what you want from the reading. They will then pick up on your intent and guide the reading to provide answers to your questions. If they are using tarot cards, they may turn over a few cards and make a few statements about your life situation. Once you feel that they are on the right track, and are a genuine psychic, then ask more detailed questions so they can fully address all of your concerns.

Are the Psychic’s Insights into Your Life Accurate?

One of the most useful litmus tests for determining whether a psychic is genuine is whether they are accurate in their insights about you and your life situation. Of course, this test is only useful if you have been careful to reveal very little about yourself and why you are there for the reading.

Do the Psychic’s Predictions Come True?

Some psychics will provide insights into what is likely to happen in your life. Usually these future predictions will be based on one of two scenarios.

In the first scenario, your karma and your current circumstances are drawing some event into your life. For instance, you will soon meet your life partner or will be moving to a new city.

In the second scenario, you can make a key decision which will change your fate. For instance, if you decide to leave your current unsatisfying relationship, then a much better partner will enter your life.

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