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How To Improve Your Psychic Intuition

Psychic intuition can be practiced as a way of increasing your current abilities. You can boost your psychic intuition by carrying out the exercises described below, which can become enjoyable if practiced over time. For the best results, record your feelings and experiences.

Start developing your psychic intuition by making quick decisions even on simple things, such as ordering food at a new San Diego restaurant, deciding what to wear in the morning or which film to watch. Ideally, you should be making these decisions in less than 15 seconds.

Using your psychic intuition to make accurate predictions is important, and this is also something that you can work on and perfect. Some areas to practice on might include what your date will be wearing the following day, who is on the phone and what they may want to talk about, and whether San Diego is going to win that big game this weekend.

Improve your psychic intuition by describing the traits of a person you have just met. You may want to try to determine if they grew up in San Diego or somewhere else, their profession, what part of the San Diego the live in, and whether they are married or not. Then find out if any of those traits turn out to be true.

Using your now developing psychic intuition, for more important and more relevant issues, can be determined next, such as if and when you should sell your house, and whether you should ask for more pay. Psychic intuition is rather like learning to ride a bicycle; once you get the hang of it, the process will be a lot easier, despite feeling awkward initially. Eventually, these intuitive decisions that you make will make you feel more comfortable, and you will typically find that the correct answer is the first one that you come up with.

The big picture can be affected by other factors, and when you take into account the actual experience, some answers you come up with or decisions you make may not immediately appear to make sense.

Keep practicing your psychic intuition and like any skill your intuitive abilities will continue to improve.

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